A Golden Apple's Revolution Commences

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 14 September 2007 at 04:08PM

This, being the sum deposit of mental overflow and other cerebral waste of a man who prides himself on his independence, rationality, and acceptance of the will of others, shall commence the self-aggrandizing autobiographical account of what is certain to be the least influential figure in the millennium which yawns forth before us all.

One may find solace, comfort, and comradery here if one possesses interests in the arts of philosophy, logic, prose, software, or the brewing of coffee. Those for whom the act of driving is more than a utilitarian exercise, for whom the act of learning is not to be escaped, or for whom the act of motorcycling is counted among thy interests shall likewise feel at home.

As the mood strikes me I shall write for an audience, and I would be honored for you to join it.