Kissing One's Fear of Death Goodbye

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 16 September 2007 at 08:07AM

Today is September the 16th, which means that five days ago was September 11th, 2007. I do not particularly like the scale of memorializing that occurs over the events of that day six years ago. And I am not just a callous, insensitive fool, as I'd attended the wedding of one of the victims killed that day merely one month prior.

No, the reason I bring up the 11th of September is because five days ago was the last time I was discussing the fear of death.

Many of us learn to fear dying, though not through any innate aspect of being human. It is only through us each inuring the innocent into an incomprehensible idée fixe that we may not have a conclusion to these lives we each lead, that this fear is bred. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy this life every bit as much, and I would even hazard to say far more, than the next chap. There is an end to everything, to good things as well. I think this is an axiom we each can accept on a rational basis. Many people find themselves capable of, in moments of quiet leisure and safety, embracing the concept in regards to their own mortality. Others are indoctrinated into a belief that the essence of our being persists and goes to an entirely different plane of existence after the body dies. And there are even those who hold the belief that essence returns in the form of some other life.

Having never died personally, I cannot claim with veracity who is right. I do know that when truly faced with potential doom, many, even those who in times of calm and reason can attempt to accept it, still revolt at the thought. I've been prone to flirting with death for some years now, and have had the good fortune never to consummate such flirtations. I find it difficult, personally, to recall the last time which I was gripped with a legitimate fear of impending doom.

I like to think that it is possible to rationally train oneself away from fearing mortality, to accept that it is impending in our lives some day. To reject anxiety when faced with a situation of danger. To every time one's mortal fear rises, to quell it and push it back down until it never rises. To conquer the fear of death, knowing full well there will come a day with death will conquer us each. For me, it is freeing, not a morbid obsession but the justification to take each day and live it happily, peacefully, and contented.