On Honesty and Respect

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 19 September 2007 at 09:06AM

Those of you whom have not been residing under a rock, and I certainly hope they may comprise the majority of my bountiful readers, have probably acquainted themselves with the story of Andrew Meyer.


I find the entire events surrounding his meteoric rise to the public consciousness to be a superlative exercise in how not to conduct oneself.

Those who receive a full account of the events that transpired that day will know that many of the first stories that circulated originally neglected to mention a few facts. A few that I feel bear mentioning:

  1. He rushed the microphone in a disorganized, enthused, rambunctious manner.
  2. He took the mic from someone else to ask his questions.
  3. Prior to his dialogue with Senator Kerry, the person whom he had taken the microphone from had been informed they would be asking the last question.

All of this is important to realize as it colors the nature of the event in a slightly different light, though only slightly. He does not ask a question initially, instead engaging in a lengthy narrative to set up the background for his question, and then asks why George Bush is not being impeached, and if they were both members of Skull and Bones at Yale. At this point his mic is shut off, the police try and escort this fellow from the building, he tries to remain, they eventually tackle him, taser him, and then handcuff him.


All of this is pretty bad. Andrew Meyer needs to show more respect to other people, such as the person whom he stole the microphone from and the persons whom he disrupted an event of. The police need to show more respect to the Rule of Law, Andrew Meyer, and force continuum.


The original cut of the video I was presented only showed Andrew Meyer asking a question and then being restrained, which paints the whole ordeal as being much more oppressive and with less of the, admittedly unjustified, lead up to his being subdued. Whomever edited the film was being quite manipulative in how they presented the facts. In a world so populated by liars and deceivers, a little honesty can go a long way to giving you credibility.


But perhaps most damning, the people sitting in the auditorium need to show more respect to liberty and to their responsibility as citizens to curtail the overreaching power of government. If they do not, who will?