Announcing a new holiday in celebration of Our Lady of Discord

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 13 April 2009 at 08:27AM

Dear friends, adventurers, and fellow Paratheoanametamystiks, I exercise great privilege as Pope in announcing and describing for you a new holiday to celebrate Our Lady of Discord: Irrefflery.

Many of your friends, relatives, and loved ones may be inclined to celebrate an ancient pagan ritual, Eostre, on the first Sunday after a full moon following the vernal equinox. In your travels you may have been invited to some number of events of celebration of this ancient Pagan ritual, and in many cases you may find that the celebrations have diverged wildly from their original roots as all things which fall under Eris' purview are prone to do.

I offer now a celebration which is quite distinctly a further iteration of this celebrational drift, Irrefflery, which is a very simple ritual that everyone may enjoy. The core elements are quite simple meaning it shouldn't be too hard to keep it straight after a lot of drinking on Saturday or to organize at the last minute. Irrefflery is a self describing celebration as its form can best be described as a portmanteau of irreverence, waffles, and revelry. Core to Irrefflery:

Zombie Movies
Many of our friends who celebrate Eostre do so with the conviction that a historical figure of admiration rose from the dead. In an expression of friendship and mutual appreciation we will celebrate with theatrical performances of many people doing the same thing!
Waffles are delicious, and what better cause for celebration is there than eating some?
Gather your friends and enjoy Irrefflery together so that the joy of this holiday can spread throughout the world!

Enjoy Irrefflery each year! Or don't.