I love Playa Del Fuego

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 26 May 2008 at 05:55PM

I may now be christened "the joy of sex" as a playa name, if it sticks.

Now not only do I not know why women plaster their eyes in makeup, I also do not know how.

I like working gate with cute cuddly New Hampshirites

I may share photos of the general debauchery and nonsense that this latest PDF entailed as they become available to me. :)

Fall PDF has come and gone.

Posted by Venerable High Pope Swanage I, Cogent Animal of Our Lady of Discord 08 October 2007 at 09:37PM

I really, really like going to Playa del Fuego, as it's a celebration of some of the best parts of humanity. It is such a friendly and accepting environment, I wish that it was possible to destroy our society and rebuild it with that fleeting place as a foundation. Perhaps my hope that the result would be different from what we have now is naive.

Somewhat ironically, one of the more popular activities was shunning an individual whom demonstrated herself incapable of responsibly enjoying the free environment of PDF. Reflecting, I think I bore a disproportionate responsibility in encouraging unkind, dissociative behavior. I am not regretful however, as making someone else clean up your shit (literally, in this case!) is in my opinion an abuse of the kind of environment that's fostered out in Delaware twice a year.

I do know that I made new friends, I gave and was given too, and I came home feeling absolutely exhausted but also very good about helping someone who got stranded. I hope he is granted the same opportunity I was to enjoy helping a stranger, and I hope he seizes the opportunity to turn the stranger into a friend.